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Music reviews, stories, and more I've written for various publications


Album Reviews for The Rocking Magpie UK

     Michael McDermott -- Orphans
     Adam Carroll -- I Walked in Them Shoes
Girls on Grass -- Dirty Power
London Plane -- New York Howl
   Carson McHone -- Carousel
  Vanessa Peters -- Foxhole Prayers
   Ken Pomeroy -- Hallways
     Ana Egge -- White Tiger
   I See Hawks in L.A. -- Live and Never Learn
     John Prine -- The Tree of Forgiveness
   John Murry -- A Short History of Decay
     Anne Keating -- Ghost of the Untraveled Road
    Scott Matthews -- The Great Untold
    Peter Himmellman -- There is No Calamity
   Lynne Hanson -- Uneven Ground
   Mekons -- Existentialism
   Mountain Goats -- Goths
Book Reviews for Sacred Chickens
   Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968 -- Ryan Walsh
     Roots, Radicals and Rockers -- Billy Bragg
    The Low Wire -- Jon Obermeyer
    Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl -- Carrie Brownstein
Music Reviews for Sacred Chickens
   The Broken Fits
Short Stories for Sacred Chickens
   The Reluctant Corpse
   One Tuesday, Full of Omens
    This Other Me


I've also written numerous album reviews for the King Tut Vintage Album and Cassette Museum of Jacksonville. Check out that page here: King Tut Facebook Page or select reviews I wrote right here.