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Songwriter Interviews:

Andy Burke interviews singer-songwriter Terry Whitehead

Bob Frank

Tamara Colonna

Al Poindexter


Shari Elf

Andy Burke interviews Roy Peak

Sincerely, Iris

   Lauren Fincham

Andy King

Timmy Riordan

Terry Whitehead

Mike Shackelford

Jacob Creel

Vann Hardin

Laurel Lee

Mark Williams

   Shawn Eager

Andy Burke and Tamara Grigsby















Featured Articles:

Interview with Cindy Bear


How Neko Case Cost Me a Microphone


Interview with Bill Mize and Beth Bramhall by Andy Burke


Eight Years of Saturdays Running Sound Under a Bridge
(Or: "Just What Is It I Do Every Saturday at RAM?")












Concert Reviews with Very Poor Photography:

Like Seriously Bad...



How I Did a Stupid Snarky Tweet and It Actually Worked Out Just Fine



"How I Wrote Seven Songs in Seven--uh,
Eight Days For The Fearless Songwriter Challenge"






Tips and Tricks Coming Soon!