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A Wolf at the Door reviewed by the Rocking Magpie:
I can think of 5 or 6 ‘famous’ singer-songwriters in this genre who sound a bit like this; and if this was released under their names the likes of No Depression, Americana UK and Brooklyn Virgin would be collectively wetting their knickers with excitement ……. but as this is Roy Peak, there’s probably only a handful of website will get to hear it …… and then shout its glory from the rooftops.
Trust me here …


An Ever Darkening Sky reviewed by Twangri-La:

 Heaven, here I come. Roy’s voice is the perfect voice for this music, much like Neil Young. I absolutely adore the spacey, country vibe that makes me feel like I am somewhere else. Somewhere a million miles away. 



An Ever Darkening Sky reviewed by the Rocking Magpie:

Not for the last time here, Roy uses his world weary voice as an extra instrument to curl its way around his words in a way most others couldn’t possibly achieve.


Roy's cover version of the classic song "Look at Miss Ohio" was chosen as one of the best cover songs of 2016 by the noted music blog Cover Me. Here's their review:
The best covers are those that transcend their source material, finding in the cracks and crevices certain elements to be highlighted at the expense of others. By getting to the heart of Gillian Welch’s “Look At Miss Ohio,” Roy Peak ratchets up both the volume and subtle, simmering angst at the song’s very core. When he snarls, “She says she wants to do right, but not right now” the unspoken transgressions become all the more accusatory and scandalous. Where Welch merely suggested, Peak demands we look at the titular character and see her for what she really is. – John Paul



"Look at Miss Ohio" reviewed by Music and Words:

 I might like Gillian’s voice a lot but Roy’s production rocks 



The Mad Mackerel reviews All is Well:

We’re kicking off with the brilliant Mean Girl Blues from Roy Peak from his album All Is Well. A visceral and savage slab of punk infused Americana that is as infectious as it is bitter.



Review of All is Well at Sacred Chickens

Roy Peak’s album All is Well immediately won a place in my heart for two reasons.  First because “all is well, and all is well, and all manner of things will be well,” -a saying of  Julian of Norwich- is a personal mantra for bad times and second because on the  bottom left, inside the cover is the silhouette of a raven.  So I had a good vibe before I even started listening.  And the album does not disappoint. (read more)



Review of All is Well by the Rocking Magpie

Another Unknown Legend From The Suburbs Delivers a Gem.

I receive music from a variety of sources and countries every week, so prioritising reviews is proving increasingly difficult, especially as I pride myself in listening to everything prior to writing about it.
Thus more and more albums are falling by the wayside; some from bands and singers on biggish record labels and also self-releases by Singers like Roy Peak. Roy did the right thing and contacted me via the website several times earlier this year, but because I was overwhelmed by work and CD’s I didn’t respond…..then two days ago he sent me a snarky/sarcastic Tweet.
I wasn’t in the best frame of mind so this was the wrong place……right time!
OK Fella…..bring it on……show me what you’ve got! (read more)


Review of All is Well by Twangrila

Punk and country meld together beautifully on All Is Well. Roy Peak has a voice similar to Mike Ness and it works extremely well on All Is Well. Peak has a gravelly and road worn voice that complements his words perfectly. Good writing and a unique singing style are the hallmarks of this release. Roy Peak is a veteran of the music biz, having been in numerous bands since the 1980s. All of this experience has paid off for Peak on his first solo release. He clearly understands the craft of songwriting and production. He also clearly knows his way around a recording studio. (read more)



Review of All is Well at No Depression

There is sincerity in every song and none of them shy away from their punk roots but also fully embrace their folk marriages – in some cases second marriages. All Is Well welcomes you in with its acoustic guitars and warm harmonies but it sneaks behind you and grabs you with its stories.  These songs have things to say, some from darker places than others, but combined they resolve in hope. I like that. (read more)



Review of All is Well by the Modern Folk Music of America

(All is Well) features some pretty great, dark, sad-luck songwriting, shack shaking cow-punk production, and desperate, heart-on-the-sleeve, paul westerberg-esque singing. I recommend it. (read more)