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Live Sessions!  by radical recording

Music can happen anywhere. At home, at a park, in an office, or a restaurant.
Why let nightclubs, bars, and concert halls have all the fun?

Completely live, filmed sessions. No overdubs or punch-ins. As real as it gets.





Lauren Fincham recording her song, "Follow the Raven" in the control room of Radical Recording.


Tamara Colonna recording her song "Naked" along with Terry Whitehead.



Roy Peak recording a demo for his song "Just One Word." Filmed this one on the iPad.







Terry Whitehead and Tamara Colonna recording their original collaboration "Hopeless Love."


Roy Peak playing a new song, "Kathleen from Wisconsin" live in the control room at Radical Recording. Roy makes a mistake on this take but we left it in for the video.



 Had fun with this one. A pair of shoes, a Kenmore dryer, and a Speak and Spell. My song "Okolona."







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